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Why do we learn Chinese?
For life, work, study, traveling, kids, career, improving our life in China.
I'm from Ukraine, currently working as a model. I found Chinese is very important, it helps me to fit in to the environment way better.
Kajino Yuko
I am Japanese. I came to Guangzhou with my husband. I need to learn Chinese to help my husband with daily life matters.
I am an American freelancer and I can't speak Chinese. It seems great to learn some basic conversational Chinese whilst I'm here.
Manager Kim
I'm Korean and was assigned by LG to come to China. My company encouraged me to study Chinese and I like it alot.
I am a housewife,my child started Kindergarten here in China so I want to improve my Chinese to keep up with her.
My husband and I are Russian, we have a trading company. We discovered that knowing more Chinese helps our business.
Bingbing Chen
I just graduated from high school in Thailand, It's great for me if I can learn poem after learning more Chinese characters.
Mr. Park
I am a Korean engineer.I'd love to improve my Chinese so that I can talk more with my colleagues.
I'm from Kenya and I am an university student.I need to pass the HSK 5 for graduation in China, I need a teacher to help me.
I'm a Thai born Chinese. I want to improve my Chinese during the summer holiday, because I want to catch up with classmates.
Why Easy Chinese?

简 单

省 时

实 用

SEL Educational Concept
Advanced Learning System
01 Student Analysis
What’s your Chinese level? Why do you want to learn Chinese? Is there any specific content you want to learn first? When and where do you want to have class? How often do you want to have class?
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02 Course Selecting
Courses about China, Guangzhou life, Short-term suject course, Long-term systematical Chinese Course, HSK tutoring
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03 Teacher Matching
Matching teachers with different specialties: Daily Chinese, HSK test, Kids Chinese, Business Chinese, Tourism Knowledge,Chinese Culture
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04 Tailor-made Learning Plan
Under the guidance of our senior trainers, Chinese teachers design tailor-made lesson plan to meet your needs and aim for the best study outcome.
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05 Real Life Practice
Practice Chinese in a real life senario:Business Meetings,Shopping ,Ordering food online, Banking and buying cellphone plan,Visiting Canton Faire
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06 Study Assessment
Immediate feedback of real life practice + traditional class test
Student Analysis
Course Selecting
Teacher Matching
Tailor-made Learning Plan
Real Life Practice
Study Assessment
Choose Your Course
  • HSK
Want to pass HSK? Short-term Intensive HSK preparation Class is your Choice.
HSK Grammar Learning, HSK Vocabulary Learning, HSK Intensive Exam Preparation, HSKK Intensive Exam Preparation, HSK Group Class, HSKK Group Class
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Trial Lesson
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Our Teaching Team
All teachers of Easy Chinese are qualified
with “Certificate for Teachers of Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages”
Senior Trainer

We record and analysis your needs

We design textbooks that suit you the best

We keep track of your learning pace and 

guarantee you a great learning experience

Chinese Teachers

If you are looking for a fun class to learn

If you want to grasp useful language

If you want to have Chinese friends

Please join us!

Course Advisors

Design learning plan for you

Follow your learning progress

Assist you to deal with learning difficulty

Assess learning outcome with you

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