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Eight Tips for Learning Chinese Well

When learning a language, try to listen to it as much as possible and be familiar with it. To learn how to speak Chinese you need to learn to listen. Practising your listening is the first step of learning Chinese.

Second, learn the language with passion, try to explore the fun of learning Chinese.  You have to find that passion first, or it will be a struggle, you will not be able to learn Chinese well and fast.

Third, scheduling a specific time during the day to learn a language is actually less effective than grasping fragmentary time to learn. Make the best use of your time like while queuing and waiting for buses, on the metro, whenever, wherever you have the chance to learn Chinese.

Fourth, use imagination to give full play to the right brain image memory ability. Don’t learn Chinese by rote, try to thinking of your own way to study.

Fifth, make sentences with the new words you have learned and use them as frequently as possible.

Sixth, use free resources on the Internet.

Seventh, use cards or small notebooks to review the words and sentences you have learned in spare time.

Eighth, try to write articles in Chinese. I know,  to begin with, you will not be able to write a decent article, it’s not easy, but it gets easier as you persevere in it.  You will see your speaking ability and your vocabulary gradually improving.  All the effort will pay off in the end. 

Easy Chinese offers HSK pre-exam tutoring courses all the year round. HSK Examination Preparation Course focuses on four aspects: improving your conversation, listening, reading and writing. Professional HSK teachers provide individual courses for each student. To different students, we use different teaching methods. The classroom atmosphere is relaxed and lively, teaching methods are practical and efficient, helping students to quickly improve their Chinese level and master examination skills. Flexible teaching time and method: students can book HSK Preparation Course at any time, teachers will tailor the teaching content for you; In a limited time to help students improve their Chinese level and test skills, enhance the success rate of the examination. Our aim is to make students feel the joy and happiness of learning Chinese while learning Chinese knowledge through a comprehensive curriculum, professional teaching team and efficient teaching methods.

Come join us soon, we will help you to master Chinese!

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