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Want to learn Cantonese?

If you live in Guangdong province, Hongkong, or in a country that there are many Cantonese people, to be able to speak Cantonese will be very handy and cool.  


Want to learn some Cantonese learning skills? The major difficulty in learning Cantonese for  Mandarin people is the pronunciation, they are already familiar with the vocabulary and grammar of mandarin, because people with a medium level of education are generally familiar with the vocabulary and grammar norms of national common language, but people in the north have difficulty in learning Cantonese not only in pronunciation, the following, I will share with you some tips about how to learn Cantonese.


Tip number one, Watch Cantonese movies, TV and radio, give yourself a Cantonese environment so that you can get familiar with Cantonese. There are a lot of great Hongkong movies and TV dramas, if you like comedy you can watch Stephen Chow’s movies, they are exceptional, if you like action movies, you can watch Jackie Chan’s, everyone likes his movies.


Tip number 2, listen to Cantonese songs and sing along with the lyrics. Pay attention to the pronunciation of each word. I recommend Beyond, they are classic and they say things in the lyrics. More like Leslie Cheung, Jacky Hok Yau Cheong, Wang Fei, they all are great singers.


Tip number 3, when you are watching Cantonese movies or television, they say a sentence, you look at the subtitles and read after the sentence, copy how they say, their tones, intonation.


Tip number 4. After you reach a certain level, when you read the subtitles, you can speak Cantonese roughly, try to speak first and then listen to it and find what’s the differences. You can correct the pronunciation by yourself. Keep practising the pronunciation of this word or sentence. Talk to real Cantonese people. You can use WeChat, try online Cantonese teachers, or try to find Cantonese people in real life and use it with them, even if you can only speak a little, they would be impressed and they will teach you or correct you while you are trying to speak to them in their language.


No matter what to language you are learning, persevere is the key. I wish all those who want to learn Cantonese a great success. 

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