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What countries list Chinese as a subject


Teaching Chinese as a foreign language really celebrate her spring or after entering the 21st century, as the world gradually into the information age, into the era of knowledge economy, economic globalization, the whole language science in the 21st century's position is higher and higher. Due to China's rapid economic development in the past 20 years, its international status has been rapidly improved.Since China has such a huge market, no country of any kind, developed or developing, can do anything but deal with China for the sake of peace and development and for the sake of its own national interests, and to deal with China, one must ask its people to study Chinese.Therefore, in response to China's strong development, Chinese fever is also rising all over the world, and Chinese is gradually becoming a strong language. According to newspaper reports, many European and American countries have included Chinese as an optional subject in the college entrance examination.

   Among the 12 foreign languages in the United States, Chinese is the fastest growing foreign language, becoming the third most popular. More than 800 universities now have Chinese language departments, many high schools offer Chinese language classes, and some states, such as Utah, have passed laws requiring Chinese to be taught in high schools.Learn Chinese. That means opportunity and wealth for decades to come."France has nearly 30,000 people learning Chinese, the largest number in Europe. 38 universities offer Chinese majors, and nearly 90 universities of other types offer Chinese courses. 149 primary and secondary schools offer Chinese courses, with 8,000 students.The prestigious Paris institute of Oriental languages admitted 2,000 Chinese students in 2004, surpassing Japanese for the first time. Not only in France, but also in Russia. According to the statistics of the education department of the Chinese embassy in Russia, there are more than 50 Chinese teaching centers in Russia, among which there are more than 30 universities offering Chinese courses with 2,200 students and 8 primary and secondary schools offering Chinese courses with more than 2,500 students.According to incomplete statistics, Chinese is now taught in more than 2,500 universities in 100 countries, and more than 30 million foreign students are studying Chinese.

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